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Well, spring is here and we are well on our way to folding Eastern Michigan, the Greater Cincinnati /Northern Kentucky Area and the whole state of Ohio into our Region.  We still have a lot of sharing to experience to take advantage of our combined strengths but we are excited by our progress so far.  Together and steady is our motto!

One of the new opportunities available to us is posting the Central Ohio newsletter, Harmony Light, right here on our web site.  It’s a great companion to our Chicago and Wisconsin Area newsletters.  Take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about our Region by reviewing all three newsletters.  You’ll see that we offer many activities and events across our Region.


Going forward our new area teams will be able to take advantage of our web site to post local events.  It will help spread the word about events and activities that allow our members and friends to come together in fellowship and sharing.  Stay in touch with our web site and let others know how to find us.

We will also be able to send out invitations to members and friends to announce upcoming events/activities and allow interested persons to register for events/activities right on-line.   It’s quick, easy and saves our teams’ time and money.   We look forward to providing this service in the future to our new friends. 


We are also currently planning some new and exciting opportunities for our members and friends.  Please stay in touch with our web site to learn about what’s coming shortly to our Region.  Check the Home page and the Article, The Heartland Region Announces the Opening of Its New Exploratorium.

This page is for news and information from the Heartland Region Coordinator, Myrna McKee.