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Holistic Health, Spiritual Growth, Meditation, Psychic Development

A.R.E. Heartland Study Groups


tudy Groups have been an integral part of the work of A.R.E. since its beginning in 1931. Groups generally meet in member's homes to study the Search for God books as well as other materials relating to the many topics covered by the Edgar Cayce readings. If you're looking for a group of like-minded people to share some fellowship and exchange ideas on spiritual growth, consider joining an A.R.E. study group.

If you'd like more information about existing study groups or how to start one in your area, contact the Region Coordinator, Myrna McKee. She'll be happy to help you find a group near you or to start a new one in your community or neighborhood. You may also contact any one of the people in the following list of state and area contacts.


Members of Wisconsin Study Groups take time for a break and photo.

Barb Pourch

Illinois - Glendale Heights

Glendale Heights
Telephone: (630) 893-8248