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Holistic Health, Spiritual Growth, Meditation, Psychic Development

Welcome to the Illinois Area Team...

ThereĀ is more to the state of Illinois than Chicago alone! Peoria is a vibrant river front town, southern Illinois is home to several lakes and to the Shawnee National Forest. And Collinsville, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis provides conference facilities and a short drive to Cahokia Mounds National Monument.

The Illinois Area Team is currently under the direction of the Heartland Region Coordinator, Myrna McKee. She's very interested in finding others throughout the state who would be excited to volunteer in a number of ways. If you would like to begin a new Area Team in your town or village, please contact Myrna to learn about the opportunities available.

Illinois Area Team News


Within Illinois there are many A.R.E. members who would be benefitted by programs closer to home. If you have an idea for a speaker or program, please contact Myrna Mckee and volunteer to assist with the work of bringing resources to members throughout Illinois. When ever a new program or event is scheduled for central or southern Illinois it will be listed here.