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The Heartland Region Announces the Opening of Its New Exploratorium

Welcome to the A.R.E. Heartland Exploratorium.  Just as we spend time in an audit-orium to listen, or better yet to hear, so the basis for this undertaking is to establish a place for exploring, and hopefully, for discovering and growing.



This is an evolving enterprise, currently consisting of two parts – Trips (beginning May 11, 2010) which we will periodically organize and conduct around a specific topic; and Explorations (planned for the near future – watch this space –!) which will be initiated by an inquiry from our constituents (that’s you), and which will garner a response from one or more of our pool of resource people.  The result may lead to an ongoing dialogue with many participants. The path of these Inquiry Explorations is not pre-planned.


More About Trips

Trips will focus on one topic, led by an experienced fellow seeker, and planned for a specific length of time.  The details of how each trip will unfold are determined as much as possible by the topic and the leader, and may differ widely from one to another.  An internet blog associated with our web site will be the basis of our efforts, enabling participants to interact at a time of their choosing.  The result is an optimal combination of customized personal interaction and the often invigorating exchange of a group experience.


The initial series trips will vary from four to eight weeks in length.  Access to and participation in a trip will be limited to registered participants.  A.R.E. membership is not required.  Trip announcements will include registration details.  Topics for the first few trips will be announced soon.  If you have a topic for a trip you'd like to take, please let us hear from you.



Costs for a trip will be published with the announcement of each trip and may vary significantly, based on content and length.  Consistent with our practices else where, the Exploratorium will offer some trips and other activities at low or no cost.  Leo Pinelli scholarship funds may also be available in some cases.  For more information, contact the A.R.E. Chicago Center at 847-299-6535 or 888-665-0082 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Stay tuned for more details in the near future.

It [the A.R.E.] came to me; I didn’t even know I was looking, who Edgar Cayce was, or what the A.R.E was. The difference in my life has been profound.

Ben Trim